Thursday, November 16, 2017


Quiet Please

Professor Neva Miller & Dr. Merne Harris

Mrs. Miller and Dr. Harris served many years together as faculty at CEI and Vennard.  In this photo they are professional and dignified.  But they both enjoyed a good joke.

Earlier in their careers when they were young professors, they were in charge of writing a humorous skit for a school party.  For some reason they thought it would be amusing to take current obituaries and insert names of faculty members. For instance, they would use a memorial written for someone who was a fan of boxing, and insert the name of a very proper staff lady.  

The were in the library reading the obituaries.  The more they read, inserting names of their friends, the more they laughed. If you ever heard Mrs. Miller truly laughing, you know it was tremendously infectious. Dr. Harris said when telling this story that they had forgotten where they were, laughing uncontrollably.

So they were startled when a hand was placed on each of their shoulders, and they looked up to see Miss Stanley the librarian staring sternly at them.  They got a lecture about being an example to the students, during which Dr. Harris said they still could not completely stop laughing.

Miss Stanley then saw what they had been reading that caused their hysterical laughter.  And that's when she threw them out of the library.

The skit, however, went on as planned and was a big hit.

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