Saturday, November 24, 2018


Some good stories came from the Pizza Hut down the road. Maybe you were there for some of these: 
  • Chris Phillips and Michael Toy were part of a group determined to get their money's worth out of the "all-you-can-eat" luncheon buffet. They ate themselves into such a stupor they could barely make their way back to campus. 
  • Chris showed up in another adventure at Pizza Hut. Upon leaving, he discovered that his car has been stolen out of the parking lot. Deb Dill Foy could give you all the details on how that incident of grand theft auto occurred.
  • Willie Watts annoyed his waitress when he placed a to-go order.  He was actually eating in the restaurant and asked her what his table number was, then used the pay phone to call in an order to be delivered to his table number.
  • Generally speaking, the Pizza Hut staff liked Vennard students.  In particular, the girls who came in to get the last pizzas before closing never paid for pop.

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